Republic of Capital

On the 10th of July we launched a new collective called Republic of Capital.

Our mandate is simple:

“ROC helps developing traders become consistently profitable and gives successful traders access to large capital by attracting investors”

We got together in 2016 and the conversation started when we discussed the current global situation:

Debt and yield have become so opposed it no longer makes sense. Large funds and investment firms continue to remain in the spotlight for underperformance and investors are seeking alternative opportunities.

This statement was proven true when a large investor approached one of our traders requesting to start an alternative investment vehicle utilising profitable retail traders.

And so ROC was born.

Since then we have been busy working on the best way to curate an alternative investment vehicle utilising a diverse collection of successful retail traders that are successful in varying market conditions and liquidity.

Therefore Republic of Capital is aimed at attracting three types of people:

  1. Developing Traders with potential
  2. Already success Traders with a history of success
  3. Investors looking for an alternative opportunity


If you want to learn more about ROC -Republic of Capital just head over to our web site

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