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Governance 2.0

One of the most beautiful effects of the Bitcoin Blockchain is that anything that is stored in it has permanence. You would have to switch off the internet in order to destroy anything put in there. Imagine recording all known history on the Blockchain as text, resting assured that no one could alter our history as we know it.

More realistically and practically you can store contracts on the Blockchain. Knowing that your agreement is recorded publicly, permanently. What a beautiful statement indeed.

Enter Bitnation and governance 2.0

Effectively they have utilised the public and permanent features of the Bitcoin Blockchain to create a set of templates and infrastructure that resembles those of a government. The difference here is that things are decentralised, completely transparent and completely open for adaptation by any country or indeed any group of free thinkers.

To wet your pallet the contracts and services they already provide include:

  • Bitnation Public Notary – for marriages, wills, contracts
  • Bitnation World Citizen ID – perfect for everyone including refugees
  • Bitnation Visa Debit Card
  • Bitnation Education Network
  • Bitnation Refugee Emergency Response – helping those in dire need.

What we have here is a completely open set of tools that can be adopted by free citizens of Earth.

Whilst some conspire that Bitcoin is secretly the The World Order’s tool for a single controlled currency, it is projects like Bitnation that give us hope that technology can one day set us free from the shackles of institutions that no longer represent us.

Like Bitcoin itself, we find Bitnation to be: By the people, of the people, for the people.

To learn more and to get involved, visit:

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