Confessions of a Trader

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A few days ago I started a web site where traders can anonymously post their struggles. The site and myself have been overwhelmed by both confessions left by traders and by the number of viewers to the site.

I was fed up with all the ego stroking on financial twitter. I suppose all social media platforms are subject to this form of filtering that we do. We desperately seek to portray how we want others to portray us.

“Ok, so nearly everything we read from others online is bullshit, so what?”

What I wanted to do was give people the chance to tell the truth. The dangers of trading are real and as someone who has been through what I would describe as self made hell I understand that it can often lead down a dark path. At the same time I remember the feeling of needing to talk to someone, and often just by telling someone we can take a step forward.

Imagine you have some savings and want to begin trading. Imagine stepping into a world where suddenly you only see yourself surrounded by winners. What is your next action going to be? You are going to join them, deposit money into a broker and blindly step into a world where no one has told you the dangers. The simple point I am trying to make is, do not try to walk it alone. Even a good bullshit detector will not save you. You need professional guidance from the start is my honest opinion. And no that doesn’t just mean you watch some videos. I am talking about a real mentor that you talk with and who guides you.

Here is the truth about trading. Take it as a warning, the pyschological and financial pitfalls others have made. Understand the risk and what it takes to succeed in one of the hardest industries in the world.

There is no motive behind the site, nothing is being sold or marketed.


  1. i found those confessions very confronting and so honest trading is a extremely hard profession and takes years of hard study trial and error and should never be looked at lightly and i believe the marketing of trading as a easy way to make money should be made a criminal act and made illigal world wide

    • Completely agree that there should be more regulations around marketing in the industry. Just my opinion but also leverage should have to be earned and not just given away.

  2. The idea of real mentor struck a chord…. but how/where would someone realistically source such an available and accessable person who was effective?

    • I appreciate it is very hard to find a mentor. Many people find or join small intimate group where they share openly. But the danger there is perhaps none are experts. My suggestion would be to show interest in a trader you consider to be successful, ask sensible questions and engage with them. When they see potential they might be inclined to help you. I know many great stories similar to this. Good Luck on your journey. πŸ™‚

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