Technology Revolution

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Watches, smartphones, headgear, who knows what else is just over the horizon on the technology curve.

Having a normal conversation with another human being might become oh so cumbersome.  “Are you looking at me or checking your email?” – a sentence I dreaded hearing daily as I watched with fear as Google Glass was launched.

Imagine a world where digital leashes become ever more present. Which is exactly what might be lost – the present moment.

I see technology in black and white. Technology that allows us to be more human and technology that makes us more like machines.

When ai truly comes of age one would be forgiven for hoping that humans have a symbiotic relationship with it, as this might skew the odds of our survival somewhat in our favour  at least a little longer.

However, I see a problem on the horizon and potentially much sooner than we might be prepared for:

a technology revolution.

On the one side we have humans embracing technology, gene modification, implants – all things that will make us more like machines. (and dont laugh just yet because you are already a cyborg with your smartphone you just didn’t realise it).

On the other side are the remaining humans that reject losing our natural playground of just being human.

Technology creeps up on us and we tend to embrace it without thought. From flying at 30,000 feet in a pressurised cabin to calling someone on the other side of the planet. We don’t so much as bat an eyelid.

But imagine a world where you are connected to the internet by thought. Again don’t be too quick to laugh, there is already a device in 2018 that will tell you the time by you simply thinking “What is the time?”. How far a stretch is it to extend this in the future to a google search, or message to a friend?  In not sure we are prepared for just how quick truly cyborg technology will be upon on.

And here is where a revolution against technology begins.

You see I believe humans are creating technology in their image.

First man created the computer:

A hard drive for long term memory, RAM for motor functions and the like, a CPU for processing like the brain, a power supply like the heart and so on.

Next they created the internet. Again it was designed in their image. What is the internet if not a giant neural network of communication and information.

So you see, first we created computers like our bodies and now the internet like our minds. The internet we have created may become conscious and not necessarily with AI but instead with humans being connected to it, with instant access to all information by thought. Humans will then be truly interconnected.

I may have the catalyst and event wrong, maybe even the technology.  But I am fairly confident there will be enough humans that will hold moral conflicts against soon to be released technology that will be one step too far for them in the human-machine evolution.

To guess the revolution against technology succeeds I believe is unrealistic, regardless of your preference. We see from history that any time there is a conflict between human civilisations it is always the ones with the more advanced technology that prevail.

What can we do about this now, today?

Focus our energy on creating technology that allows us to be more human, to have more free time, to have more time to interact with other humans, to be free to create. And not to focus on technology that makes us more like machines.

That is my opinion. And it might be a rather abstract and dark prediction of the future but i believe it might come long before AI decides humans are dangerous and wipes us all out.

What’s your take? I’d love to hear it.

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