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I am looking to start a passion project titled “Universal Interface”. A Universal Interface Guideline that tries to jumpstart a very slow moving industry. We should be much further ahead than we are now is my humble opinion and fear based companies are holding us back by creating barriers between what should be holistic user experiences traversing the wonderful technologies and OSs available. It is my idea to suggest a framework for UI that could be used now and in the future for any sort of interface be it touch, gesture, motion, vocal or otherwise.

A Universal Visual Language for Interacting with Technology.

As technology evolves exponentially we will need to keep up. Learning new UI every time will not become possible. Imagine having to learn 10 different hand gestures for different systems or devices (don’t forget “Internet of Things” fast approaching). We need a standard approach similar to the rules of AI that are being born already. UI is our gateway to technology and I believe we are currently missing the foundation from which to give birth to something universal.

I’m looking for support, advocates, ideas and help with achieving this goal in anyway you see fit. Open to your suggestions and feedback. Thanks for reading and stay tuned or subscribed if you want to follow this journey.

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