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Our top pick and favourite resource for stock photos that are completely free and have a completely open license is Unsplash.

There are many similar sites around these days but the quality of Unsplash has been maintained and there are no tricks, registrations or special privileges needed to access their stunning library.

And things just got even better. Now you can access the entire library via a simple to use API.  Embed stock photos in your Apps, Websites and anywhere else.

How cool are these guys? Share the love and let them know how awesome they are!


Link to the API page:

Unsplash API for embedding images

Want an example?

So like any worthy API they are super simple to use.  So here we have a cool example of a simple use.

We can just show a random photo from a category like this:

<img src=”https://source.unsplash.com/category/nature/”>

Just copy and paste that code onto your website, blog or wherever and a random photo from the “nature” category will appear on every reload.

There. See? APIs do not have to be scary. Get busy and add some dynamic imagery to your next project! Don’t forget to thank the people over at Unsplash.

Go ahead, refresh the page and you’ll see a new image load. Unless you randomly get the same one.

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